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Frank (Super Snooper) had been a licensed General Contractor in the State of Minnesota, a licensed Real Estate Broker and a member of The National Association of Realtors, Minnesota Association of Realtors and the North Metro Association of Realtors for over 20 years.  He is also a Certified Building Official, Limited in the State of Minnesota # 2868 and has passed the National Home Inspector Examination administered by Promissor, certified by The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors in Infrared Thermal Imaging and Building Science, member of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Certified ITA Mold Sampling and Survey, and has completed ITA certification courses in Inspection and Evaluation, Cooling and Air Exchanger Evaluation, Heating Systems, Structural Components, Roofing, Insulation, Electrical, Plumbing, Radon Gas Sampling and has recently attended two National Association Home Inspection Conferences in Las Vegas, NV,... Fargo, ND, and Toronto, Canada.

Education and Certifications

PROSOURCE Educational Services *** Kaplan Professional Schools *** Inspection Training Associates *** ITC *** Univ. of MN. *** MN. Dept. of Labor

Date Class Description Certificate #
4/28/88 Houses from Ground Up 1. R870177
4/29/88 Customer and Client Counseling R870175
5/5/88 Closing Doc's and Statements R870180
6/22/89 Brokers Licensing Course R500000
6/11/90 Remodeling and Rehab R890243
6/14/90 Houses from the inside Out R880209
5/3/91 Housing Construction Law R880208
6/5/92 New Construction Sales R920663
6/11/92 Minnesota Styles and Designs R900325
1/7/93 Minnesota Contractor Course R000000
5/10/93 Houses from the ground up 2. R900304
6/4/93 Interior Styles Designs/Finishes R930255
4/26/94 Inside Look at Mechanical R940241
2/9/95 Contractors Look at Foundations M940209N
3/9/96 Find and Sell Energy M951767N
2/22/97 Inspections Under Construction M961351N
3/10/98 Tips to Build High Quality M971882N
2/26/99 Contractors Survival Guide M982057N
3/17/00 Healthier Homes M982056N
3/2701 Minn. Houses Residential Update M002432N
6/01/01 House from the Inside Out M001874N
3/28/02 2002 Residential Update M015310N
3/25/03 2003 Metro Contractor M022519N
12/13/03 Residential Building Analysis 201 M022638N
02/25/04 Residential Building Analysis 306 M022637N
3/4/04 Bldg Analysis 307  Cooling M022636N
3/10/04 Res. Bldg Analysis 308 M032647N
3/11/04 Res. Bldg Analysis 309 M032530N
3/24/04 Houses Beyond the Basics M981449N
3/31/04 Bldg Analysis 301 M022631N
4/6/04 Home Inspections Guide M981448N
4/7/04 Res. Bldg Analysis 302 M022632N
4/13/04 Bldg Analysis 303 - Roofing M022639N
4/21/04 Bldg Analysis 304 M022633N
4/28/04 Bldg. Analysis 305 M022634N
3/07/06 2006 Res. Contractor Update M058470N
6/30/06 ITA Mold Sampling and Survey M056656N
12/13/06 Res. New Home Inspection M611305N
2/16/07 2007 Res. Contractor Update M0611224N
9/25-27/06 ITA Inspection Expo and Seminar EXPO0906
7/26/06 NACHI Electrical Inspection EDU0365-65
7/27/06 NACHI Roofing Inspection EDU0365-84
4/16/08 Certified Nat'l Home Inspector FW514236
6/11/08 NACHI Green Building EDU1044-74
6/24-27/08 MN. Dept. of Labor Construction Codes and Licencing   Cert # 2868
6/19/08 NACHI Inspectology Hinckley, MN
8/15-16/08 InterNACHI iNFRARED Certification 05080069
7/26/08 NACHI Structural Issues for Home Inspectors 1080-02
9/23-26/08 ITC - Infrared Training Center

(Level 1 Thermography Certification)

1/07-16/09 U of M 53rd Annual Institute for Building Officials  
1/01-15/10 U of M 54th Annual Institute for Building Officials  
1/10-14/11 U of M 55th Annual Institute for Building Officials  
1/9-13/12 U of M 56th Annual Institute for Building Officials  
3/5-6/12 Midwest Universities Radon Consortium  (Radon Measurement) NEHA # MURC-9
3/6/12 NEHA Measurement Exam   (Passing)   MURC Vers: RT 0502-H #129029

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Super Snooper, Inc. is continually searching out the newest and most innovative building practices and technologies.  We have a special concern for your health, safety and the condition of your home. We, like our canine counterparts, sincerely want to be your faithful companion in home maintenance and our clients "Faithful Best Friend for Life".


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